To register for Awana, please follow these steps:

1.     Select the Gray Box below that says:  “I’d like to REGISTER my child for the 2017-2018 year.”

2.     On the next screen, answer the question “Did one of your children attend Awana at Kernan Baptist last year?

3.   If you answered YES, you can either enter the email address we have on file and then select the bullet next to “I don’t remember my password, please email me a new password.” Or you can select the gray box/bullet next to “I can’t remember the email address I sued last year…” to move on.

4.   Once you have the new password emailed to you, return to the registration screen and proceed with the email address and password.

5.  Follow the instructions on the registration screens and enter all the requested information.  Please remember the Medical and Photo Release areas.  You will first be shown your “household” information. Select the yellow CHANGE button to view and update your household information.  We need current email addresses and cell phone numbers.  Once you’ve updated the information, select “UPDATE” at the bottom.  

6.  Use the “My Kids” tab to re-register an existing clubber or to register another (new) child.  

7.  When finished, select “CREATE” at the bottom of the page.  

8.  On the next screen, your balance shows and you can select the blue “PAY ONLINE” button to proceed to pay online.  Please note the default amount owed is $35.00 per child.  If you are registering a returning child, you can change the amount at checkout.  

9.  Enter the Credit card information on the next screen and submit the payment.  You may also choose to pay at the church during Awana Registration Night or the first night of club.

Awana Registration

Did one of your children attend Awana at Kernan Baptist Church last year?